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Oladimeji Olayinka Joseph

The Personal Revival Devotional

The Personal Revival Devotional is a 30-Day Spiritual Awakening Guide aimed to help your revitalize your spiritual life and your relationship with God.

About The Book

Are you feeling SPIRITUALLY DEAD? Already losing your zeal and passion for the Lord? Lukewarmness has taking over and you can no longer do what you use to do? or you are struggling with where you stand with your relationship with God then I believe this devotional can help you.

We all desire a personal revival in our relationships with God but unfortunately many of us don’t know how or where to begin. But through the help of the Holy Spirit this Devotional provides powerful insights that will help you assess your spiritual condition, evaluate your Christian experience and opens your eyes to where you fall short. And finally how you can reconnect your spiritual plug to the Source.

Each daily devotion revolves around four key pillars that will challenge you to embrace the revival fire of God which will lead you into a place of spiritual revitalization, spiritual growth and drastic transformation in your Christian experience.

.    Daily Scripture

God’s word is a life giver and for you to revitalize your Christian experience, it is important that you anchor your spiritual growth on the Word of God.

.   Inspirational Reading

It is the truth that you know and apply that will set you free. This book is full of revival truths that will give you insight on the areas you need to focus on

.   Provoking Reflection

Meditation on the ‘truths’ is a strong key needed to squeeze out thought-provoking questions to encourage a committed step towards revival.

.   Spirit-Empowered Prayers

God knows your heart desires but the kind of prayers in this book makes it easier for you to focus on on intention and connecting back to God.


The Author

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Oladimeji Olayinka Joseph is a pastor, an author and a teacher of God’s word with a mandate to raise kingdom ambassadors (who will be an extension of Christ kingdom on earth).
He is an ordained minister with The Redeemed Christian Church of God and currently serving as the pastor in charge RCCG SHILOH (LP 30), President of Provincial Youth Fellowship and also an Asst. Coordinator at The Redeemed Christian Bible College (RCBC Iba Satellite Campus).
You can read his blog: (a platform aimed to building spiritual capacity).

Contact The Author: +2348169165068

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