Quiz: Jesus’ Resurrection

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1. To whom did Jesus first appear after His resurrection?


2. As the women went to tell Jesus’ disciples that Jesus had risen, who did they meet on the way?


3. Why did Mary Magdalene, and Mary the mother of James come to the tomb when the Sabbath was past?


4. Where did the disciples first see the risen Jesus?


5. The wife of Zebedee and the mother of the apostle James the elder and John came to the tomb. Who else came with them?


6. What was the disciples response when they were told that Jesus had risen?


7. Who told Mary that Jesus was not in the tomb, but He had risen?


8. Because Jesus had said he would rise again, Pilate set a watch over the tomb at the request of..?


9. Which disciple said he would not believe Jesus had risen unless he could see the nail marks in his hands?


10. The soldiers that had been guarding the tomb reported that the disciples had stolen Jesus’ body. Why?


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