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Enjoy the cheapest Digital Publishing Package, Publish Your Book Online and Reach the world.

Get closer to your dream of publishing
your book! Let’s get started

Writing your first book, or your fifth? Looking to make money, or spread your message? As long as you have a story, you’ve come to the right place. We will publish your book and give your a platform to make something out of it.

Publishing is far beyond the traditional printing book. The internet is the now the world market place. With one-click, your book can reach your audience.

Creativity Publications will publish your book and give you a platform to reach your audience with just one-click. We also help to bring your manuscript into print copy book. You don’t need to go through the stress of getting your book out all by yourself. We offer a relatively low cost on printing books of all kind compare to others.

At Creativity Publications, we have different publishing offer that can suit your publishing vision and finance plan. As low as N5000, you can get publish your book to the world.

  • A dedicated webpage for your book and author info included.
  • A dedicated  download link
  • Placing your book on our online store for easy download
  • Professional Book Layout Design
  • Dedicated Website For Your Book and For You.
Books HD
  • Professional book cover design
  • Professional Mock Up design
  • Social media promotional banner
  • Distribution on Amazon and other online stores
  • Allocation of ISBN

Please, go to Our Publishing Service Option to see the offer that can suit you and your publishing plan best. After which you can now submit your book proposal.

Great books are sometimes known through their cover. We will design a professional book cover for you.

PRICE: N2500

We will give your cover design a professional book book-like-look.

PRICE: 3000 

Established and great authors pitched their tent on owning a blog/website in order to leverage the power of digital marketing in their favor.


Effective marketing on social media is only possible with the aid of promotional banners

PRICE: N2000 per 1 or N3000 per 2.

We will distribute you book on Amazon and major online store across the World while you set if you want to make you book ‘free download’ or ‘monetize’ it.

PRICE: N3000

Writing and publishing your book is not complete until your book get to your audience.

We will place your book immediately on our book store as soon as you publish with us.


The International Standard Book Number (ISBN) is a numeric commercial book identifier which is intended to be unique.It is assigned to a book for copyright and identification.

You can publish your book without ISBN but great authors go with ISBN.


What We Offer

Our Commitment

We are committed to give voice to the work of upcoming authors by publishing quality and value added books that will help bring integrity to the publishing world.

Our Store

We will place your book on our online book store. Give your book a dedicated webpage, downlink and you determine what royalties (money) you will make on the book

Our Services

Our services are top notch and We have the most affordable publishing packages on the market when you compare all the aspects of publishing. We are here for your service.

Our Focus

We understand that writing a book is not easy & you’ve put your heart & soul into finishing it. We want to make the publishing process easier for you by being with you every step of the way.

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