The Mental Revolution By Angel Newportright

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The Mental Revolution By Angel Newportright

The Mental Revolution is a book for building a balanced perspective towards life and success.

This book awakes the mind to the hidden realities of success and the hidden lesson of every moment.

It broadens your mind on the importance of people in the equation of life and arouses the mind to the genius of your very own self.

The Mental Revolution can be encapsulated in two phrases:

  1.    The difference in people is the lessons they learn and how fast they learn this lessons.
  2.    Our life can only be as good as the rules we live by.

We are all guided by our most dominant thoughts.

A must read for every Nigerian youth.


About The Author

Angel Newportright wants to help you become a better person by exploring the matters that lurks within the life of young Nigerians. Since the fall of 2016 he has dedicated his life to helping people discover and fulfill their specific purpose. In his words
"I believe all I need is 60 minutes to help anyone discover their purpose as long as they can pay attention to those 60 minutes"

He began a monthly program since 2016 tagged purpose wednesday where he explores the insights and dynamics of purpose as he bring answers to deep seated questions.

He helps people from different places find their specific purpose.

"Life is more than what we see, all we see is simply a manifestation"

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