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PRICE: N2500

The Person And Ministry of The Holy Spirit

This book will help you to know the person of the Holy Spirit intimately and be conscious of His Person in your day-to-day life and also know how best to relate with Him. In this book, you will find answer to many crucial question in the most simplex form; analytical, simple term, revelatory with biblical root

PRICE: N2500

The Outpouring of The Spirit

This book will enlighten your understanding and guide you into how to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit, how to discover the gifts that comes with it and how to activate and begin to manifest this gifts in your life. This will prepare your heart to receive and begin to walk in the fullness of the Holy Spirit.

PRICE: N2500

Intimacy with The Holy Spirit

This book will help you to respond to the call to friendship with the Holy Spirit. It will help you build and strengthen a cordial relationship with the Holy Spirit and be a friend of God. Through this book, I will walk you through step-by-step guide on how to become a friend to the Holy Spirit, drawing strength from my personal experience, revelations and the pages of the scripture. 

PRICE: N2500

Come, Holy Spirit

This book will show you the secret to becoming God habitation and resting place in order that you now become someone who host the Presence and the power of God. You will also discover how to attract the Presence of the Holy Spirit through His love language.

PRICE: N2500

Yeshua Hamashiach

This book YESHUA HAMASCHIACH presents truths about Jesus Christ with such simplicity as not just a man that walked the street of Galilee but He’s God walking on the street in human flesh; God who came for us, lived with us, died and lives on for us. In this book, you will find answers to many crucial question in the most simplex form; analytical, simple term and revelatory.

PRICE: N2500

Hearts On Fire

This book is written specially for those that want to rekindle their love, zeal and fire for God. It shares practical steps on how to deal with lukewarmness, build an effective prayer life and consistently be on fire for God.