He Makes All Things Beautiful By Franklin Okenwa


Often times, feelings of giving up sets in as believers walk with God, especially when what they’ve anticipated for isn’t forth coming. In a season like this, people whose faith in God are weak will begin to look for alternative means to their problems thinking that God is nowhere to be found. Some will even make themselves vulnerable to ideas which will truncate their destiny. One of the things you should earnestly contend with as a believer in Christ is pressure. Especially when you’re beginning to feel that everyone is going ahead of you. Pressure to get married, build a house, buy the latest car etc have taken a lot of people to early grave. There is time for everything, so don’t be upset by the progress of others. God knows your address and will visit you at the appointed time. There’s always a preparation for one who is expecting a visitor, if the President decides to visit you, you’ll actually take out time to make sure everything is in order. Then compare the visitation of a President to that of the Almighty God and you’ll see they’re mutually exclusive. Whenever God says wait, is for you to build enough capacity that will contain His unlimited blessings. God’s visitation is divine and when He comes He makes all things beautiful so much so that no one will be able to deny the evidence of His good works. When He visited Abraham, He turned his life into a wonder and made him the father of all nations. No matter what you’re going through, remain confident, focus on Jesus He’ll make all things beautiful in his time.



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