Hearts on Fire By Oladimeji Olayinka J.

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Is lukewarmness gradually taking over your Christian life, your prayer life, your walk with God, your passion for God and you don’t know how to fight it? Hearts On Fire Book is the answer you need to overcome lukewarmness and set your heart burning again for God.

This book is coming at a time the love of God and the things of God seems fading away in this generation. It will reignite and set your heart on fire afresh to love God and to impact your generation.

  • Introduce you to the PERSON AND the MINISTRY  of the Holy Spirit.
  • Provides practical steps in balancing spiritually and the demand of life.
  • Deals with lukewarmness
  • Practical steps to building a consistent firebrand prayer life.
  • And provides practical steps to retain the fire of God in this age.


  1. Firebrand Christianity
  2. Lukewarmness: A State of No or Little Fire
  3. Keep The Fire Burning
  4. Don’t Smother The Fire
  5. Arise And Contend For The Faith
  6. The Sold Out
  7. Hearts On Fire
  8. Scriptures: The Spark of Fire
  9. Communion: The Place of Burning
  10. Holy Spirit: The Burning Presence
  11. The Burning Light
  12. Building A Personal Prayer Life


Oladimeji Olayinka Joseph is a pastor, an author and a teacher of God’s word with a mandate to raise kingdom ambassadors (who will be an extension of Christ kingdom on earth).
He is an ordained minister with The Redeemed Christian Church of God and currently serving as the pastor in charge RCCG SHILOH (LP 30), Vice-President of Provincial Youth Fellowship and also a facilitator at The Redeemed Christian Bible College (RCBC Iba Satellite Campus).
You can read his blog: (a platform aimed to building spiritual capacity).

For any clarification or issues contact +2348169165068.

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3 reviews for Hearts on Fire By Oladimeji Olayinka J.

  1. Bernard Whekpe

    Great work sir.

  2. Richard Chukwu

    Thank you for this. Im blessed. more inspiration sir

  3. Joseph

    This book is the answer have been looking for. very detailed explanation. thank you sir

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