Your Spiritual Life is Under Attack When You Experience These!!! Find Out.

Revelation 3:15 “I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot. So then because thou art lukewarm and neither cold nor hot, I will spew thee out of my mouth.”

The first statement from the Lord Jesus Christ to the Laodiceans church was ‘I KNOW THY WORK’. That statement was a statement of certainty approving that the Lord Jesus knows the truth about all things.

His personal introduction gives us a clue about what we should expect from Him. he said the Amen i.e. the one who approve things, the Faithful i.e. the One who doesn’t lie and the True Witness i.e. the One with the true evidence. In summary, the Lord Jesus knows the true fact about all things.

Although, you can deceive yourself to be on the Lord side, you can successfully deceive those around you including your pastor to be a lover of God but you cannot deceive the Truth Himself (and even the devil).

The Lord Jesus knows your true worth and identity. He knows who you are within; He knows who you are in the public and in the private. You can’t hide your true identity from Him because in the realm of the spirit all things are open and plain.   

The allegation in the score card of the Laocedians church was LUKEWARM. The bible says in 1 John 1:5 “…God is light and in him is no darkness at all”. God is known to one thing to be the light therefore anytime you mention darkness, you know God is not involve.

But lukewarmness is a spirit of indifference to the things of God; where you are neither there nor here (sitting on the fence). The church in the world is now the world in the church. The Christianity that was handed down by the generals of faith has been washed down to the extent that you can hardly differentiate between the believers and unbelievers. Please note, when you character and values are not different from an unbeliever then you are becoming lukewarm although still a believer.

The spirit of lukewarmness is very subtle in the sense that it will be hard to detect and trace until damage is done. Most of the backsliding stories in the Christendom started from lukewarmness. No believer falls just like that, it’s a gradual process; one step at a time.

When the spirit of lukewarmness creepy into your life, the first thing it will do is to take your zeal and commitment towards God and the things of God. You begin to lose interest in what you love to do and what you have passion for becomes a burden to do.

It is an arsenal launched by the devil against your spiritual stronghold. It’s not meant to take you out rightly but to cause you to lose your guard and weaken your spiritual stronghold.

The strategy of lukewarmness is to attack against your relationship with God (which is your strongest hold). It will attack your prayer life with prayerlessness, it will attack your word life with boredom, it will attack your fasting life with sudden uncontrolled hunger and tiredness, it will attack your self control and discipline and it will attack you level of obedience to God. 

To make the matter worse, the strategy of the attack will be logical to common sense. For example, your inability to keep your prayer time can be due to tiredness from busy work day that is logical enough. Before you know it, you will begin to go days without prayer because the work in the office is hectic.

Lukewarmness has set in when you are not able to fast as before because you are now doing a work that requires strength or other excuse.

The fall of Samson doesn’t begin with Delilah. He was already a spiritual dead man before Delilah can to the scene, she only act as an agent to finish the job. The instructor was very clear for Samson:  a nazarite must not touch the unclean things but when devil attacked him with the spirit of lukewarmness, he began to do that which he shouldn’t do. He killed a lion and licked the honey from the carcass. He slept with a harlot and desire to many from other tribe apart from Israel which is against God’s instruction to them.

Are you already going back to those things that you renounced when you gave your life to Christ? is there traces of sinful act in your life? Are you beginning to enjoy the pleasure of sin that you once abhorred? Are you beginning to do that which you won’t dare to do before? Are you beginning to move with associations who you consider fit to mingle with before? Brother, please watch it, your life is under a spiritual attack. Sister, you need to stop and examine your life to see which area devil is attacking with lukewarmness.   

Laocedian literally means uncommitted, therefore you commitment to God and the things of God will show the world where you falls. Your attitude to the things of God, your response and reactions to divine instructions and corrections, your attitude to the gathering of the brethren (church services), your response to giving to the things of God will all point to either you are becoming lukewarm or not.

Beloved, when devil can get you to reduce your commitment towards God, he has successfully reduced your zeal in achieving your destiny in Christ.

Devil is fighting a war to make your life useless in the hand and plans of God. If you allow him to succeed then your life becomes a wasteful life on heavens agenda. Lukewarmness is a spirit of spiritual sleep; a spiritual state to bring you to spiritual deadness and coldness (to be completely inactive in God’s agenda for your life).

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