Why Your Spiritual Life Is Dying

1. Inconsistency with prayer: Inconsistent prayer life is a leakage to your spiritual life. Inconsistent prayer life makes your spiritual life starved. The barrenness in anyone’s spiritual life is traceable to inconsistent prayer life and weak prayer fire. You must be consistent with your prayer life to awaken your prayer life.

2. Lack of secret place: The secret place is a place and atmosphere of consistent fellowship with the Holy Spirit. Lack of communion with the Holy Spirit on a daily basis is a sinker of spiritual life. It doesn’t matter how much you go to church but if your secret place is empty your spiritual life has no future.

3. Lack of poverty of spirit: Many people don’t have poverty of spirit. Without poverty of spirit you can’t maintain your spiritual life. Poverty of spirit is the perpetual state of recognizing your weakness outside God.

4. Poor feeding: If you’re not regularly feeding on the Word, you’re deliberately starving your spiritual life. To be continued***

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