What does it mean to be spiritual a Christian?

i know you are born again but are you a carnal christian or a spiritual christian?

Romans 8:1 “There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus who walk not after the flesh but after the Spirit”.

Romans 8:5 “For they that are after the flesh do mind the things of the flesh but they that are after the spirit, the things of the spirit.”

From the scripture above we can deduced that there are two types of Christians: the spiritual Christians and the carnal Christians.

The carnal Christians are those that walk after the flesh i.e. although they are saved, born-again, blood-washed, tongue talking yet they are controlled and influenced by the system of this world. They crave for the things of the world and its affinity more than the things of God.

While the spiritual Christians are those that walk after the spirit. They have been able to cut away from the affinity of the world and yielded their desires and passion completely to the things of the spirit. It is very possible for a Christian to be carnal when he/she is so attached to the way of life of this world and its affinity.

Spirituality is not measured by your titles, positions in church, and activities in the church or by the gift of the spirit in operation in your life but it is measured on how much you are able to surrender and yield your desire and life to the conformity of the image of Christ.

Don’t tell us you are spiritual because you are the campus fellowship leader. Don’t ever think you are spiritual because you occupy the position of pastor/head of department in the church, what is the difference between you and bank managers? Don’t think being a worker in the church is equivalent to being spiritual. No matter your level of commitment to church activities if your desires and life is not in conformity to the image of Christ, you are not spiritual.

How do you know a spiritual man?

  • Spirituality is a state where whatever you do is no longer about your will and desire but His will.
  • A state where you have no affinity to the things of the world again. A state where an individual has lost his/her appetite for the things of this world.
  • When you see a man who always seeks to do God’s will even when it’s contrary to his will… that man is spiritual.
  • When you see a man who will go any length in his quest to please God irrespective of what people might say or danger he will encounter…that man is spiritual.
  • When you see a man who has no attachment with the things that others are dying to get…that man is spiritual.
  • When you see a man whose life reflects Christ and His teachings…that man is spiritual.

Is your life reflecting Christ or you have to tell people that you are a Christian before they know? Are you so attached to the wealth of this world that you can even compromise your faith in Jesus to get it? Are you able to control your appetite to go after things not necessarily needed by you, yet you must get it at all cost? When you can’t answer these questions and you can trace your affections to the lifestyle of this world. My brother, you are carnal.

It’s not like you don’t love God but there are things that you can’t just control that are beyond your power. The flesh and its affinity has become your master.

How to know a carnal Christian?

He is born-again, tongue talking yet he is still a slave to the flesh and it is desires. He is still subject to the ways and the demand of the old nature. One major problem facing our Christian walk with God is the flesh. Until you can break the limitations that the flesh present, you won’t be able to experience the height of Christianity God wanted you to have.

A carnal man is anybody that is being ruled by any other agency other than the spirit of God. In one of Apostle Selman’s message he defined a carnal man as someone who is a slave to the way of life that is helplessly subject to the appetite, lust and the desire of the sinful nature.

You are a carnal Christian when you are helplessly under the bondage of immorality. You are a carnal Christian when you are helplessly under the bondage of glutton and drunkenness. You are carnal when you are not led by the Holy Ghost but by impulses.

  • The ultimate sign of carnality is uncontrolled lust and appetite for the things of this world. In this world there are many things that will attract you but if care is not taking it will breed uncontrolled appetite.
  • When you see a man with a strong craving for position and title.
  • When you see a man whose love for the things of the world is more than his love for God.
  • Born again yet there is no difference between them and unbelievers. They are saved yet they sleep around, party like the unbelievers, had pleasure in alcoholic drink, where revealing dresses and they feel no guilty about it.
  • When you see a man so diligent with his business and work but is careless about the things of God.
  • When you see a man who can compromise his stand just to satisfy his desires.

Although, they are saved but they easily yield to the pressure and attractions of this world.

The Danger of Being a Carnal Christian.

  • They are robbed from experiencing the victory that the cross and the blood of Jesus provide.
  • They are open to demonic activities.
  • They won’t get satisfied with the things of the world.
  • They will hardly experience sustained spiritual growth. They are prone to backslide at anytime.
  • Their faith in God is not well established and well grounded.
  • They can compromise their Christian faith at every little pressure.
  • They are prone to deny Christ.
  • And eventual miss their place in heaven.

We are in a world, we need to have a good career to be able to provide for our family. I believed in excellence and success. I believed in living a prospered life yet when all these things take priority in your life than the things of God then you are carnal. As a Christian, we must learn to detach ourselves from the things that this world can offer. We must learn to say no to the demand of the flesh. We must learn not to put too much importance to what this world can offer. As a fact of fact, where you heart belongs to, where your heart is attached to determine whether you are carnal or you are spiritual.

In conclusion,  spirituality is not about titles, positions, activities in church and the operation of the gifts of Holy Spirit in your life but it’s measured when you can easily say no to the affinity of this world and easily yield your life and desire to the things of God making Christ nature to reflect in you.

Are you carnal or spiritual?

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