Simple Secret You Need To Know To RETAIN RELEVANCE

The entire book of Luke 2:40 – 52 is a picture of Jesus growth. It stressed the need for personal development of a man God will use. Personal development is the key to manifesting destiny and retaining relevance.

And the child GREW and waxed strong in spirit, filled with wisdom and the grace of God was upon him. (verse 40)

And Jesus INCREASED in wisdom and statute and in favour with God and man. (verse 52)

Notice the word ‘grew’ and ‘increased’ in the above passage, the words connotes growth. Jesus exhibits an active attitude of continual growth. He didn’t not just grow but continue to grow.

For you to maintain relevance in life, you must continue to grow. You cannot manifest your destiny to the fullness what you don’t embrace the attitude for growth.

Those who will manifest to the fullness must give themselves to a life of learning. What you learnt in your waiting period is needed for a lifetime of maximum contribution. It’s a settled thing that God ordained your destiny but it’s your duty to develop yourself in line with your destiny. Develop yourself into what you are created to be. God won’t force you to do it, He will only provide want you need. It is your duty to make best use of it to develop yourself into your destiny.

Many people are falling into the pit of knowing it all-once-and-for-all. The danger is that when what you know no longer works, what you know may be your greatest liability. Don’t be too rigid to stick with the traditional way of doing things, learn something news. Those who are making sense at all time are those who gave themselves as a student of life.

Manifestation is one thing and maintaining it is another thing, if you are not careful you will become irrelevant to the world around you. You need to work hard to get to the top but you need a greater work to remain at the top. Work your way to the top and work your stay at the top.

Eric Hoffer said “in times of change, learners inherit the earth while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exist”. Every knowledge has a limit, what you learned today may not be useful tomorrow and maybe become useless in the future.

Everyone has a pre-ordained place of domain by God. Your purpose dictates your domain. There is a place you are sent to and there are people you are sent to. They are your domain. It is your duty to manifest where you are sent and to keep your manifestation till Christ comes. Failure to do this will defeat the purpose of your manifestation. When you fail to develop yourself and you stick to what you know before, your salt will become tasteless.

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The world is experiencing great innovations right now in technology because those sent there by God keep finding and learning about new ways to make a world a better place. Many of us remember the era of “chinko” phones (Techno). In the beginning of their manufacturing, people that have taste for quality keep away from using it. Poor designs, poor operational system, nose making gadget yet after many years the once ignored and abused techno is now accepted by all and sundry, why? GROWTH; they keep learning.

Learning doesn’t have an expiration date. No matter the knowledge you acquired it’s just a bit. There are more to cover. Don’t be deceived nobody knows everything you.

Whatever you do, do it with dignity; you do not need to add anything to yourself, you are good enough as you are, for God’s purpose in your life. Focus on developing yourself in God. Even as you study and improve your skills do it with the focus that you want to be a greater blessing to your world.

You need to keep learning to keep yourself fit to be use by God. When you stop learning, God stop performing new wonders through you. A lifelong attitude of personal growth is committed to learning, growing and expanding right up to the end of life.

The key to success is to practice and train hard so you can be ready when your opportunity comes.

Learn before you launch!

Be ready, your time of manifestation is now!

(c) Oladimeji Olayinka Joseph

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