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Its Nigeria Independence Promo!!!

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Writing your first book, or your fifth? Looking to make money, or spread your message? As long as you have a story, you’ve come to the right place. With this promo comes:

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Its Nigeria Independence Digital Book Publishing Promo!!!

Waaooohhh!!!! It’s another Independence for our dear country Nigeria. Creativity Publication is introducing you to the INDEPENDENCE DIGITAL BOOK PUBLISHING PROMO; aimed to get you closer to your dream of publishing your book and placing them in the hands of your audience. What other ways will be good to make this year independence celebration to be memorable to you in particular, if not to get you closer to your dreams.

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The first 10 persons to submit their book proposal before 2nd of October (12am) will have access to FREE Starter Publishing Plan.

  • Editing
  • Inner layout Designs.
  • Publishing on our book store
  • Dedicated webpage for your book with authors info
  • Dedicated download link to your book
  • Email Marketing to our Email Lists to know of the release of your books.

Submission of book proposal after the 10th person before 2nd of October (12am) will still enjoy 50% discount on ALL PUBLISHING OPTIONS.


*Please, go through our Publishing Plan Options

*If you need addition Book Publishing Service, go through Our Unique Offer

YOU CAN CONTACT +2349055912172


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