Letter To Young Leaders: 3 Temptations That can Destroy Your Ministry

In my few years in ministry I have noticed that what sabotage the ministry of many is not outright sin or carelessness but things that we don’t not count. It’s very unfortunate that many people who started out strong and well in ministry have lost their place. Some are back in the world. Some denied the Lordship of Jesus outrightly and some are dying silently  due to the pressure that comes with being a leader in ministry.

It’s more unfortunate and alarming that the little, little foxes that destroyed the vine of those leaders are the things that this generation of believers embraced.

Let take a look at them:


The Temptation to be Relevant


We are in the generation that everyone is running the race of relevance. Many who don’t have any portfolio in church, many who don’t have any follower that invest in and many who don;t even belong to a local church are tagging themselves apostles. the social media has become the ‘house of show’. Why? Because they want to build influence. They want to be relevant by all means. Listen, don’t be deceive you cannot measure your worth by your twitter followers. The race to be relevant is a race that can sabotage your ministry because if it’s not properly checked it can lead to competition with others. Comparing yourself with others can be a trap for your destiny. We didn’t come to the world on the same day, why do you think our race will be the same? You need to check you craving for influence at all cost. As good as having influence and expanding your influence area is, fame can become an idol to you.  As a matter of fact, your sheep don’t need you to be culturally relevant. 

A culturally relevant shepherd will lead his sheep off a cliff.

I strive to be relevant in my field of call but not to compare myself with the pace of others or compete with them yet i strive most to be relevant in the skim of God. Watch your appetite for relevance, it can be your doom. Beware of your appetite to be known.

If the Lord did not lift you up, you will crash no matter the height you attained.

Just follow the path that is set before you. And grow into becoming a voice to reckon with. Let your heart and focus be unto the Lord.  If you enjoy any level of influence let it be used to promote Jesus and not yourself.

The Temptation to be Spectacular


The human system is somehow built to seek for approval of people. We crave approval of the masses; applause grows our ego. And this plays out in how we lead. If we don’t put a proper check, the appetite to be spectacular can shift your focus away from the people your lead to yourself. It can shift your focus from God’s plan to yours without knowing.

It’s good to be spectacular, it’s good to have the feeling of being great but don’t trade the people you lead for that. Many have lost their place in ministry for this; always aiming to be spectacular and be above all even when it’s clear it’s important to keep it simple.

Never forget, You are just a privilege person and not the most spectacular guy to lead.

Your team or those you are leading doesn’t need a spectacular leader; they need a faithful, devoted, shepherd to lead them.

The Temptation to be Powerful


Power is tempting. To exercise control over those you lead is tempting. The long painful history of the church is the story of people tempted over and over again to choose power over love, control over the cross, and being a leader over being led. Matthew 20:28 gives us a different picture: The Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.

If control exercise is not check, you may be ‘lording’ over God’s people and not leading them.

Have you developed healthy, intimate relationships with the sheep you lead?  Or have you opted for power and control of them instead? Never forget, you have that control because you have the office.The Lord who put you there can decide to remove. Don’t set trap for yourself.

Which of these temptations do you fall to most frequently?  And do you resist this temptation?

To the glory of God I’ve been privileged to lead at different levels for over 15 years now. I have made countless mistakes over the years, but now more than ever I see the crucial role of a leader to not just pastor their flock, but to be the person they can relate with while he leads them on.

In part 2, we’ll develop what your people need and are looking for in a leader.

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Thank You for reading.


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