Learn How To Write A Book In 30 Days (Part 3)

The Mechanism of Book Writing

In step 3 of step by step guide to writing a book, I talked about making an outline.

Let look deep into the component of this outline.

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Over the years, I have found out that an outline stands as your framework for the book and every book has one or all of following component of a outline of a book.

  • The What

This is the overview of the subject matter, like a description of the title you are writing about.

  • The Why

This is the reason for writing the book. This can stand as your selling point. The reason people should pick your book and read.

  • The How

This is part where you write about the strategy that needs to be in place to align to the subject matter

  • The Who

In this outline, you define your audience. You think about who are the people you are writing to.

  • The benefit

In this part, you present the benefit of the subject matter to your audience. What you audience stand to gain if they read and put to practice the information in your book.

Working with this outline breakdown will enable easy flow of ideas and words and will give you a complete book without stress.

However, you must be wise to know which of the outline should come first; do you what your audience to read an overview of the subject matter or you want them to read why the need the book.

Let your chapter be an outline that will make your audience ask for more. If ‘the what’ will do the magic then make your chapter one about ‘the what’.

With these, I’m bold to say, writing your book in 30 days is doable.


  • Pen down your subject matter/title
  • Read relevant materials to acquit yourself with the subject matter.
  • Write down your outline in relation to your subject matter as instructed above
  • Write down your thoughts daily and fixed them under the appropriate outline
  • Work on using appropriate words to define each outline and sub headings.
  • After your first draft, take time to read your book and rearrange it to suit your audience.

Now you should be able to write your book from the start to finish. But don’t forget I said you need a community of writers to push you till you achieve your dream of writing and publishing your book.

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