Learn How To Build An Effective Personal Prayer Life.

Let me be blunt, if you are not determined to have a consistent and fervent prayer life, nobody will and can help you because majority of the people around you are in the same dilemma. The truth is majority of Christians find it hard to pray. Many tried keeping a prayer life but were stressed out only few are still faithful with their prayer life. Sunday church service is the only time majority of Christians actually pray but cannot keep their personal prayer life.

We are in a generation where fervent and consistent prayer can be declared “gone-too-soon”. A generation where personal prayer life had been buried. A generation where family prayer time had given way to television programs. A generation where fervent prayer becomes a burden and an impossible task to achieve. Yet churches and their leadership that suppose to help teach and nurture a fervent prayer life are not helpful. Infact, most of the church leaders are in the same dilemma as we are but of a truth there remain a remnant, faithful men and women and churches that still holds the baton of prayer.

Reactivating an effective and consistent prayer life is the hidden desire of many Christians. Before we speak on practical steps to help you have a consistent prayer life, we will highlight what maybe cause of degraded prayer life.

  • Too much activity.
  • Withdrawal from brethren.
  • Discouragement from unanswered prayer.
  • Pleasure of the world.
  • Another source of attraction apart from God.
  • A fallen state.
  • Arrow from the enemy.


  • Examine yourself, your association and your activities to check things that cause distraction.
  • Right mentality about prayer: for you to experience a fervent and consistent prayer life, you must understand perfectly what prayer is and what prayer is not.

You need to know that Christianity is not just a religion but it’s a love affair between God and everyone who believed in His Son Jesus. The same way no relationship can survive without communication, the same way your relationship with God can survive without prayer.

Prayer is not one of the religious activities of Christianity but a means to establish a cordial relationship with God. Therefore prayer is not just a tool of request that we engage anytime we are in need of help but is a means of communication between Divinity and humanity to establish and strengthen relationship that exist between them.

This “prayer-relationship” gives the understanding that God is in love with us and for us to express our love towards Him, COMMUNICATION is key. No matter how tired and stressed out you are, you can’t be tired to say hello to your lover.

  • Don’t start big:

The issue with most Christian is that they aim to start high and before you know it they were stressed out. Why do you put pressure on yourself by planning to pray for one hour when you can even focus for ten minutes? The power of prayer is not in how long but consistency. Be determined but start small, fifteen minutes is per day is ok for a start. There were times I didn’t keep my prayer time; there were times one hour prayer in the night seems as a burden to me (even as a pastor). Those times I adjust my prayer time from midnight to early morning and it worked. Now I can pray long hours any time of the day. The key is consistency. If you are consistent with keeping fifteen minutes per day in prayer, you will grow to thirty minutes and much more in no time. Also note that there are times the activity of the day is inevitable, you need to go for lecture, to go to work and church. The key to having a stable and fervent prayer life is to pray within intervals when you are free. Don’t wait till you have 30 minutes or 1 hour free time to pray. You can pray on the walkway to work, you can pray in the car, you can pray when you visit the toilet, you can pray while cooking…it’s not where and when you pray but in how you pray. You don’t need to shout to pray just focus your heart to God. 5 minutes prayer interval is a good start during your busy schedule. Look at it this way, if you prayed for 5mins every hour you are free at work or class for 8 hours that means you have prayed for 40 minutes in a day. That’s the key.

  • Less request much worship:

I have found out that many Christians have the desire to pray and many actually pray but few know what to do to keep their prayer time lively and effective. As stated earlier prayer is not a request tool but a means of strengthening your relationship with God. Therefore when you pray, let your pray focus more on God and less of you. Give time in worshipping Him, be detailed in your thanksgiving, sing worship songs to Him, and eulogize Him. When you do this truthfully, encounter is certain, you will host the King of Glory in His fullness. Then prayer will become two-way and not on- way dialogue. When you pray focus just to worship God and not to ask. This is the secret of great men in the kingdom. This is the secret of long hour prayer.

  • Spice up your prayer life with worship songs and anointed messages:

one secret that I found out and applied was that listening to worship songs or messages while praying helps to engage in long prayer. Worship songs or messages playing underground fuel your spirit to pray without been tired. Now if you have 1hour song play time on your phone or laptop or 1 hour message, before you know it you will begin to pray for long hours.

These are my personally secret that have helped me mainly a consistent and fervent prayer life. If you follow the steps with God’s grace, you are on your way to experience consistent prayer life.

Thanks for reading this long; we believe this write up is helpful. Please feel free to comment below and share this write up to your friends and family. It can save a brother/sister.

Prayer is “sweet” when you do it the right way.

©Oladimeji Olayinka Joseph

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