If These Things Be In You By Franklin Okenwa

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We are glad to inform you of this great work of inspiration by Franklin Okenwa: IF THESE THINGS BE IN YOU.

Sometimes, we see people go through challenges for some protracted period of time and it appears nothing seems to be changing. Check your attitude. Your character would get you to places where your prayers would not get you to. You cannot get by prayers what you should get by character and service.
Many times, we pray, fast and bind demons when the real problem are just our attitudes. Work on your character and attitude towards life and how you relate with people. A prayer that doesn’t change you from within is a waste of time. There ‘re doors of opportunities that wouldn’t be opened by prayers but by your character. It’s possible for someone to have so much ability or be gifted with a certain skill, yet when such a skill is required, that individual isn’t chosen, because he or she doesn’t have the right character. If you’d build your mind and develop the right mental structures, sooner or later, you’ll see the manifestations in your personality.
Mental structure here doesn’t mean imaginations and reasoning; rather, they’re attitudes that you’ve cultivated over time that control your actions. This book through the help of the Holy Spirit will cause you to develop positive attributes and to become the best of you by cultivating the right character. Inside you are hidden treasures; you came into this world with a unique personality. There’s something you possess that nobody else in the world has; hence it’s important to find your place, and be the best of that peculiar you… Click here to get the book

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