How to Start a Comedy Business

Nigeria is one of the countries with the most amusing people in the world. Nigeria was just ranked as the fourth or so happiest country in the world. Even in the face of adversity, Nigerians are always upbeat and seeking for ways to stay that way.
That is why some people are always running to YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to watch, read, and laugh their way through their stress.
Nigerians are under a lot of stress, pressure, and difficulty, and they need a method to unwind, which they always find in comedy videos. Making money online by uploading videos to YouTube and other social media platforms is a good way to start. Emmanuella’s comedy videos are a fantastic example.

You may be wondering, “How can I start a comedy video when I can’t even entertain a child?”
So there you have it!
You can always learn, but it is more beneficial when you are around people who are naturally humorous.
It doesn’t have to be only performing videos; you may converse on them as well, just like I did when I first started uploading videos to YouTube. If you can’t be a stand-alone comedian on social media, join forces with others. There are those looking for like-minded people to collaborate with. We have a comedy business school where you may apply to learn how to tell jokes. Look up their address on the internet.

How to Start a Comedy Business

You can work as a comedic scriptwriter who markets videos for producers. This is how some online comedians began before becoming producers. There are numerous ways to begin earning money from a comedic video/script. There are numerous ways to sell your films, including Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, blogs, and Twitter. Instagram is the next best thing to a website in terms of blogging; you can even blog on Instagram. This is a brand-new platform for aspiring bloggers. Crasecrown and Lasisis Elenu are two people who have made millions from Instagram humour.

How to Make Money from a Comedy Video

  1. Facebook

Create videos and optimize them on Facebook. You can advertise them to get more audience provided your jokes are top notch, you will get good views.

2. Blog

Blogging is one of the ways to start your comedy business. There are many niches in blogging, chose your own as a comedian and start uploading videos, post scripts etc. It is very important to have a YouTube channel. Uploading on YouTube and also placing the link in your blog will make you rank in two ways on google. Also put the link on your Facebook or Instagram handles to direct traffic to your blog. You can use your blog for affiliate marketing, sale products for additional money.

3. Twitter

The same way you upload videos in other social media is how you can upload on twitter. But you have to follow other popular comedians, like and comment. From your comment people will open your profile if they are intelligent from there you will start getting followers.

4. YouTube

Making money from YouTube is very easy, all you need to do is to upload your comedy videos on your channel. This can be possible if you have an android phone, a laptop and a digital camera. After uploading look for a way to generate views by sharing it in other social media platforms. You must use the right keywords so your video can rank. Always search for knowledge in other to be current.

5. How to make money from comedy on Instagram

You can easily get many followers to watch your video whenever you upload them on Instagram. People online comedians started from Instagram before adding other social media handle. Instagram is doing well like website and people are seeing it to be a good place to blog.

How to shoot comedy video

  • Purchase your filming tools; android phones, video recorder, camera
  • Add popular funny figures; figures are usually used to enhance jokes. Watch comedy videos to identify popular props and add them to you video as you like.
  • Make your video short so that people will always look forward to it
  • Edit the video after filming to remove unwanted scenes or mistakes.

How to make comedy script

Write screenplays and show them to friends and family to see whether they think they’re humorous. If they do, you can go ahead and produce them. Seek advice from producers who create comedy, and avoid exaggerating or overusing jokes.
Some comedians have a propensity of repeating other people’s jokes verbatim because they have nothing to add or modify.
Why do we keep reusing viral jokes?
To avoid attracting the wrong kind of attention, avoid making jokes about contentious themes or negativity. You can make light of the mannequin challenge, colossal fail, pranks, and so on.

Make sure to view videos of people who are successful in the field to learn what works and what does not.
It will assist you in drawing your pattern and developing your personality.

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