Hey!!! Don’t Launch Out Yet Without Knowing This

The World does not have that level of patience to tolerate mediocrity, you need to make sure you know what you are doing before you launch out. Or else you will launch out and burn out without no one noticing you. Why the rush when you are not ready?

Everyone walking the face of the earth is here for a purpose only ordained by God. For this reason necessity is placed on every man to diligent seek out his/ her purpose from the same God.

Becoming what you are created to be is much more than just discovering it. The ultimate fulfillment of destiny is manifesting what you are created to be. Discovering your purpose is a good step towards manifestation, fulfillment of the purpose is the peak of manifestation.

Nobody is concern with you discovering your purpose but people are concern with seeing your manifestation. They want to know what you can offer them, how you can influence their lives. Everybody talks about the champion in a competition, nobody remembers the training period.

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It is worthy to note that every emerged champion is a prepared contestant. Nobody will emerge a champion in a competition without preparing for the competition.

There was an illustration used in one of the lectures in the School of Disciples (of the Redeemed Christian Church of God) about the eagle and the eaglet: how the mother eagle trains the eaglet to fly and survive against the wind. The mother eagle will always take the eaglet out for a test flight. She placed the eaglet at the back and flies to a high altitude then drop the eaglet and later pick the eaglet up before hitting the ground. The more the eagle takes the eaglet to test-flight and drop the eaglet from high altitude, the more the eaglet learn to fight the wind and be able to use her feather and fly.

The same way a mother eagle trains her children is the same way God trains every son that is ready for manifestation. God is a loving Father, He will never allow any of his children to launch out without adequate training (except those who refuse).

Genesis 45:7 recorded of a young boy who was saddled with the responsibility of saving and preserving his family posterity. Joseph had a picture of his future at a tender age of seventeen but it took thirteen more years waiting for the manifestation of the destiny.

Many knew what they are sent to do on earth but fulfilling it is out of sight. Many are burning with passion towards their purpose, waiting patiently for the fulfillment yet manifesting the purpose seems impossible in this world.

If you are one of those privileged to know their assignment on earth but still waiting for the manifestation, I will say WELCOME TO THE CLUB, you are not alone in this. Joseph waited for thirteen years before he began to manifest, the period you are now is your period of waiting.

Why waiting despite knowing the assignment? Why not start manifesting now because the time is short? God is not a magician but God of process. He will never use an unprepared vessel. Those He call, He equip to effectively carry out the assignment before them.

Joseph waited for thirteen years; those are the years God was busying preparing him before launching out. He was at Potiphar’s house receiving training on effective management by managing the affairs of his master house…And he left all that he had in joseph’s hand; and he knew not aught he had, save the bread which he did eat…Gen.39:6

He needed the training for it was the duty of the first born to look over the affairs of the house after the father but unfortunately Joseph was not the first born of the family therefore he will lack management skills.

At the prison, he learned how to effectively manage under pressure. He learned how to control unwilling people and how to calm riot. A prisoner managing other prisoners like him, think of the work he would have put in place to have control over them.

Listen to this, all this while for thirteen years, at Potiphar’s place as a slave and in the king prison as a prisoner, Joseph was undergoing the training needed for his manifestation.

No matter the odd situations you are going through, it’s part of God’s preparatory tool. God is training you through them, so that you won’t mess up when the time of manifestation as come.

When Joseph was made the prime minister of Egypt, the skills he acquired at Potiphar’s house and at the prison was put to use. How will you explain how he dealt with thousands of Egyptian (the young and old, rich and poor) during the seven years of famine. Imagine the pressure upon him, the cry and noise yearning at him for food, the decisions he has to make those years, if he was not sound administratively he would have messed up.

Another revelation from this story is that talent got Joseph to the place of authority but the skills he acquired sustained his reign.

Your talent can get you to the top but the skills you have will be needed to retain you there. Its one thing to know your purpose, it another thing to fulfill it and it’s a different thing and most important to keep fulfilling it.

Your waiting time is your preparation time. It is God’s scheduled calendar to train you for manifestation. You don’t know how many months or years you have to wait but if you patiently wait on God your time of manifestation will come.

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