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Grow in your faith with these christian ebooks

Hearts On Fire

This book is coming at a time the love of God and the things of God seems fading away in this generation. It will reignite and set your heart on fire afresh to love God and to impact your generation.

  • Introduce you to the PERSON AND the MINISTRY  of the Holy Spirit.
  • Provides practical steps in balancing spiritually and the demand of life.
  • Deals with lukewarmness
  • Practical steps to building a consistent firebrand prayer life.
  • And provides practical steps to retain the fire of God in this age.
Destiny: Manifestation of The Sons By Oladimeji Olayinka J.

Destiny: Manifestation of The Sons

This book is an invaluable manual for anyone who want to find his path in this world and make an impact. Learn how to discover, pursue, life and manifest your destiny through this book.

Manifestation of the sons is all about you discovering God’s pathway before you in this forest of life, walking through it and showing others also the how to. Manifestation of the sons of God is a call to life’s duty. You are called to discover, pursue, live and manifest the purpose of life.

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