Find Out About Profitable Investment Opportunities In Nigeria

It doesn’t matter where you live the world has gradually become a Global Village, with investment opportunities on the rise every day.

While we try hard to understand and believe that investment is the key to a truly successful and sustainable future, we also have the responsibility that comes with consciousness to note that not every investment opportunity available is truly legit more so, not all legit investment opportunities are widely available.

The central focus of this article is to bring to the fore, 7 notable investment opportunities that are legitimate opportunities and ought to be treated with care as a disseminated fact by every wise investor out there.


Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies used for digital commerce and transactions, in other words
they’re called electronic currencies.

A perfect example of a leading cryptocurrency is the ”Bitcoin”. What is bitcoin? Bitcoin is a digital currency invented in 2009 as a trade medium between distanced dealers.

As at then, the value of bitcoin was estimated at just around $1 per Bitcoin, in 2016 1 bitcoin was already being valued at around $500 per bitcoin and what’s the exact story today

Today 1 bitcoin stands at more than $50,000 and still rising steadily.

Let’s take a quick scenario, assuming one invested a minimum of $10 in bitcoins in 2009, that amount could purchase 10 bitcoins.

Being allowed overtime, the 10 bitcoins would be standing at a whopping amount of $500,000 in that wallet today, this is the actual fact comparison of what is the case with cryptos.

However, it’s never too late to take an action because with the statistical look at unfolding events, Bitcoin is headed for over $50,000 and you sure know you’d have yourself to blame if you never bought a place in this future of an endlessly guaranteed value.

There are still other digital currencies worthy of investing into, this includes Ethereum, Litecoin, Tron and Dodgecoin.

You may need some more efforts on a little further research to determine the best coins you would like to invest into.


The sectoral value of Agriculture is one of the few that would never become less valued at any time

Held up in a very high esteem, agriculture is one of the basic elements of a successful economy.

A country or nation that has food abundance as a net result of  Agricultural engagements or import benefits is a country with wealth.

Simply put, Agriculture is wealth. Investing into agricultural opportunities is one of the wisest decisions an investor would ever make.

The net returns from Agricultural investments is usually above a 200% ROI and an economist best explains that.

investment opportunities


Education has remained the future of humanity from times unknown.

The need to learn, acquire practical knowledge and wisdom has always been one of the greatest desires of man.

For this reason, it is very possible and easy to assume that investing in education would only bring but rich returns but then, I must point out that managing an Academic institution is definitely one of the most stressful exercises of all times.

However, even without building a school directly, an investor can still tap into the opportunity of investing into scholarship programs with a well-mapped out provision for returns.



Ancient Egypt was a gold mine, they were merchants and known miners of precious stones and pearls.

Today, merchants still exist whose principal investment circles on precious stones and most precisely Gold, Diamond, and Silver.

As a precious stone, gold has made itself very invaluable. Gold never depreciates in price neither does it in value

However, if you’d search, there are many Gold scams available both online and offline you’d find, sure you wouldn’t want any of those.

Hence, research and scrutiny must be carried out for best and legit Gold investment opportunities to be discovered.

Also remember, Gold has legal trade guidelines laid down and regulated by the governments.


If you want an investment provision that would gradually deteriorate over time, perhaps pay good bucks for a few years and gradually wane down, invest in Non-renewable energy.

But if your guess is as good as mine and you would want a true investment that could probably serve you to the fifth generation and beyond, Renewable Energy is the right investment program to fit into.


For those who know what it is, and for those who understand the do’s and don’ts of the business and its idea, Forex is a near-perfect investment program to hop into.

With a proven long-term existence of sustainability, forex has enriched millions and unarguably turned their lives around, you too can be touched

Forex is simply a foreign exchange market where currencies are traded against their fluctuating values.

However, the market has success rules that must strictly be adhered to for positive returns.

You’ll need a broker, not just a broker, but an “experienced broker” and an excellent coach!


Lands are immovable, they cannot be moved about, but their most obvious characteristic is their invaluableness.

Lands, houses and landed properties have one thing in common. Unlike cars, they do not depreciate in value.

With a mathematical graphical representation plotting value against time, a straight line curve clearly indicates that ‘value’ moves uniformly with ‘time’ and in practice this is the actual case except on occasions where flooding and other phenomenal characteristics have affected position and structure.


There are many platforms where you can invest and earn daily in Nigeria, such platforms are Stakexchain an e-commerce platform were you shop once and keep earning for life. We also have Chymall and Highlife international. investment opportunities in Nigeria.

Author: Kingsley Umeh

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