Read:  2 Cor. 13:5

Examine yourselves whether ye be in the faith; prove your own selves, how Jesus Christ is in you, except ye be reprobates?

Christianity as I defined it, is a way of a transformed life that displays the life, excellence and the power of Christ to the world. Anything short of this will lead to a mere gathering of religious people. From the moment a man is born again, the person should experience a transformation that will reflect who Christ is to his community.

As a Christian you must effortlessly replicate and present the life of Christ to those around you. When people see you, they should see Christ. When they hear you talk they should hear Christ. It’s a state where your actions, attitude, will and speech have been brought under the Lordship of Christ to the conformity of His image. This was the testimony of the people at Antioch about the disciples.

Can people around you say the same about you? If not you need to retrace your steps back to Jesus.

An elderly woman advice to me long time ago has been a golden plate I wore around my neck everywhere I go; she said “don’t go to where Jesus will not go. Don’t do what Jesus will not do and don’t say what Jesus will not say”. This simple advice summarizes the life of a Christian.

You don’t need to carry bible before the people will know that you are a Christian, your way of life should do the speaking. If you need to introduce yourself to people around you that you are a Christian before they know then you are not a Christian but a mere church-goer. You have not become one with Christ but have become one with the church.


If a stranger meets you for the first time, what will they say about you? Or have you considered what your immediate family and friends thinks about your Christian journey? Finally, who are you when you are not in the community of Christians?


  1. Lord Jesus , I rededicate my life unto You today, please have mercy on me
  2. Everything in my life that is not allowing me to represent you the way I should please remove it.
  3. Give me the grace to live right unto your glory

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