The Personal Revival Devotional: A 30-Day Spiritual Awakening Guide (New Book)

Are you feeling SPIRITUALLY DEAD? Already losing your zeal and passion for the Lord? Lukewarmness has taking over and you can no longer do what you use to do? Maybe you are seeking for how to keep the fire of God burning in your life? or you are struggling with where you stand with your […]

Take Up This Challenge

This is the reason you must strive to be on fire as a Christian because Jesus has need of you. He is not physically here on earth but He needs you to continue His work of dealing with forces of darkness in this earth. He needs your mouth to preach the world and bring men […]

How To Manage Your Spiritual Life and Your Busy Schedule

Managing spirituality with busy schedule either at work, business place or school is a challenge faced by many Christians. At one side, there is the desire to fellowship with God at all times. They are thirsty for God’s word and for prayers. At the other hand, there is a huge demand that life placed on […]

Hearts On Fire: Reigniting Your Passion For The Holy Spirit (Download ebook)

Is lukewarmness gradually taking over your Christian life, your prayer life, your walk with God, your passion for God and you don’t know how to fight it? Hearts On Fire Book is the answer you need to overcome lukewarmness and set your heart burning again for God.This book is coming at a time the love […]

Learn How To Build Capacity In The Place Of Prayer And Engage In Long Hours Prayer

Engaging in long hour prayer is a milestone that seems unachievable for many Christians. To say the truth prayer in itself is work. Everybody and anybody can sing, everybody and anybody can preach, everybody and anybody can teach but not everybody can pray. It is easy to pick up the microphone and sing, preach and […]

Learn How To Build An Effective Personal Prayer Life.

Let me be blunt, if you are not determined to have a consistent and fervent prayer life, nobody will and can help you because majority of the people around you are in the same dilemma. The truth is majority of Christians find it hard to pray. Many tried keeping a prayer life but were stressed […]

Learn How To Pray Without Ceasing.

“Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you” 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18, ESV In the olden days, to pray without ceasing is a bit achievable but in this age, as each day comes, it seems impossible. With the coming of social media, everybody […]

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