Personal Development

The Personal Revival Devotional: A 30-Day Spiritual Awakening Guide (New Book)

Are you feeling SPIRITUALLY DEAD? Already losing your zeal and passion for the Lord? Lukewarmness has taking over and you can no longer do what you use to do? Maybe you are seeking for how to keep the fire of God burning in your life? or you are struggling with where you stand with your […]

Hey!!! Don’t Launch Out Yet Without Knowing This

The World does not have that level of patience to tolerate mediocrity, you need to make sure you know what you are doing before you launch out. Or else you will launch out and burn out without no one noticing you. Why the rush when you are not ready? Everyone walking the face of the […]

Simple Secret You Need To Know To RETAIN RELEVANCE

The entire book of Luke 2:40 – 52 is a picture of Jesus growth. It stressed the need for personal development of a man God will use. Personal development is the key to manifesting destiny and retaining relevance. And the child GREW and waxed strong in spirit, filled with wisdom and the grace of God […]

You Are More Than What You Think And What People Says!!! (A MUST READ)

Men ought to manifest who they are in order to fully carry out the reason for their existence and impact the world. Failure to understand who you are brings inferiority complex. All you see around is a-no-good-for-nothing you. A lack of understanding about yourself brings a mentality that you are a minority in life and […]

Destiny: Manifestation of The Sons

Destiny: The Manifestation of The Sons (Download ebook )

This book is an invaluable manual for anyone who want to find his path in this world and make an impact. Learn how to discover, pursue, life and manifest your destiny through this book. Everyone has a purpose and its take one with knowledge of his/her purpose to achieve it. Unless you know that purpose, […]

Letter To Young Leaders: 3 Temptations That can Destroy Your Ministry

In my few years in ministry I have noticed that what sabotage the ministry of many is not outright sin or carelessness but things that we don’t not count. It’s very unfortunate that many people who started out strong and well in ministry have lost their place. Some are back in the world. Some denied […]

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