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We help unpublished and published authors to scale their book visibiliy and sales online.

What We Do:

Writing and publishing has never been easy! We will guide you through your journey of turning your ideas into book.

Book Writing Services

The journey of earning from publishing your book at with writing your book. Either you want to write your first or another book, this service is for you.

Book Design Services

Our Team of Publishing Expert will handle your book designs for you. We offer Book  Cover Design, Book Layout, Mock-up, Amazon Accepted Format for ebook and paperback.

Amazon Book Publishing Services

We have two best-sure method that you can use to publish your book on Amazon. Any of them will make your publishing seamless.

Amazon Book Selling HACK

Maybe you have published your book on Amazon but you only recorded little or no sales. Relax, selling your book on Amazon is guaranteed with this

Assigning of ISBN

International Standard Book Number (ISBN) is a national and international standard identification number for uniquely identifying books. You can get your ISBN with ease from us.

Assigning of ISBN

International Standard Book Number (ISBN) is a national and international standard identification number for uniquely identifying books. You can get your ISBN with ease from us.


Over the years, Creativity Publications has helped make writers into published authors. With industry-leading publishing packages crafted from the largest selection of options and services available, we can help you find a package that’s right for you.

Either you are just starting as a writer or you are an published author, our services are tailored-made for you in order to help you scale and optimize your book publishing and selling on Amazon and other retailers through out the world.



    Are you interested in our Publish-For-Me on Amazon package?

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    Hearts On Fire: Reignite Your Passion For The Holy Spirit

    By Oladimeji Olayinka Joseph

    Walking In Destiny

    walking in destiny
    By Oladimeji Olayinka Joseph

    Joy Unspeakable

    Joy unspeakable
    By Franklin Okenwa

    Strategies For Achieving Life Success

    By Oladimeji Olayinka Joseph

    Get closer to your dream of publishing
    your book! Let’s get started

    Writing your first book, or your fifth? Looking to make money, or spread your message? As long as you have a story, you’ve come to the right place. We will publish your book and give your a platform to make something out of it.Publishing is far beyond the traditional printing book. The internet is the now the world market place. With one-click, your book can reach your audience.


    Book Design Services

    You may want enjoy some of our Book Design Services that you can’t ‘afford’ as a complete package for now. You can pick a ‘Stand Alone Service Below’

    To see your book idea turn into reality is our goal. 

    Great books are sometimes known through their cover. We will design a professional book cover for you.

    PRICE: N2500

    We will give your cover design a professional book book-like-look.

    PRICE: 3000 

    Established and great authors pitched their tent on owning a blog/website in order to leverage the power of digital marketing in their favor.


    Effective marketing on social media is only possible with the aid of promotional banners

    PRICE: N2000 per 1 or N3000 per 2.

    We will distribute you book on Amazon and major online store across the World while you set if you want to make you book ‘free download’ or ‘monetize’ it.

    PRICE: N3000

    Writing and publishing your book is not complete until your book get to your audience.

    We will place your book immediately on our book store as soon as you publish with us.


    The International Standard Book Number (ISBN) is a numeric commercial book identifier which is intended to be unique.It is assigned to a book for copyright and identification.

    You can publish your book without ISBN but great authors go with ISBN.


    All prices are up front, with no gimmicks. We have the most affordable publishing packages on the market when you compare all the aspects of publishing

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